About Us


“TAKE”是2016年於香港創立的設計工作室。品牌名字是來自兩個創辦人的英文名字,取其音 “✓”,是Well done的意思。我們於設計學院認識,既有著相近的興趣,也有著令周圍有一點點不一樣的心思,這不足以讓社區有大改變,卻能為身邊的人帶來小小的滿足,這成為我們堅持做好設計的原動力。

Brand Story

“T A K E” is founded in 2016, a Hong Kong based design studio mainly selling clothing and accessories. The brand name captures the founders’ name and also pronounced as  “✓” which means “well done”. The two designers meet at design college. They have similar interests and thoughts -- change lives with one simple act at a time. They insist to do good design by making our surroundings better.


我們透過日常觀察細微而美妙的事物,由此轉化成一個個簡約獨特而時尚的產品。創作靈感來自我們生活的城市的每一個角落,像每一個作品都在說故事,配合恰當的剪裁和配襯,令每一個作品成為”有故事的她” 。



Design Concept

We observe and transform daily indistinct object into distinct design. Basically, anything and everything around us is inspiring. Good design requires life experience, or, a life lived. Our product is a storyteller.

Creativity comes from what is going on around us, and we never lose sight of who we are designing for -- the cosmopolitan ladies.